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Undoubtedly, the fun sumo wrestling provides never fails to keep everyone entertained every time they watch it on TV or live in action. Of course, none of us wants to feel the real pain of real sumo wrestling since it will definitely make our body ache. Good news is, a kind of sumo wrestling that is fun and at the same time worry-free that the Sumo Wrestling Home provides. Sumo Wrestling Home comes with safety gears such as safety helmets, neck braces and mitts for additional security, which ensures everyone’s safety against further injury that may occur during the game. Plus, the sumo suits are extremely soft; thus, no need to worry about the pain from flipping, splatting and pushing.

There are two sets of Sumo Wrestling Home: one is the Kid Sumo Suits, which is suitable for ages 5-11; and the other one is Adult Sumo Suits, which is suitable for ages 12 and above.

This game is suitable for any type of occasion like, birthday parties, business events, therapy sessions, play schemes, clubs, or even a simple get-together where the whole family and friends could enjoy playing this game.

What’s the Aim of this Game

To start the game, you and your opponent must wear the sumo suits first. Then, intelligently push, flip or splat your opponent out of the circle in order to win this game. The first person who reaches three points wins. Another way to win this game is by flipping your opponent upside down. Once you manage to do that and your opponent is unable to get back to a standing position after a count of three you win.

Who says sumo wrestling is just all about pain and injury? Well with Sumo Wrestling Home, fun, excitement and challenge are supplied for all types of parties.

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