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Mr & Mrs Collins
Hello. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the entertainment provided at our wedding. The rodeo bull went down really well with our guests and the children loved the candy floss machine. The chocolate machine was delightful. Your staff were exceptionally professional and well dressed. Thank you again!
First class service, thanks
Nina Burns
We were really pleased with the popcorn machine and the candy floss machine, and will not hesitate to use you again for future exhibitions. Nina Burns Marketing Coordinator Talar Made Ltd.
Jessica Parker
Excellent service. Bouncy castle arrived on time and the driver cleaned it for us.
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High Striker Hire Chester, Wirral, Liverpool, Widnes And Warrington

Do you fancy classic games? Are carnivals, arcades, and fairgrounds your kind of hangout places? If so, then there is no question - you will fall in love with our game called "High Striker"! This retro piece is designed to measure your strength and power. Over the past century, it has been used as a central attraction in different events and venues. This classic game isn’t just for the past, though - it also makes for an ideal addition to more modern parties, amusement parks, and different celebratory settings.

Did you know that High Striker is also popular across the globe? Other countries call it the “Strength Tester” or “Strongman Game”. Regardless of what it is called, High Striker can be a fun game to play and also the center of attention, making it a common piece in carnivals, fairs, and also corporate events and fundraisers etc.

The Rules of Playing the High Striker Game?

There is a very simple concept behind the game. All the player needs to do is grab the mallet, get ready to strike with all his strength, and smash the base as powerfully as he can. Upon striking, the marker shoots up - the stronger the hit is, the higher it goes. This makes the overall goal of the game: to ring the bell that sits at the highest peak of the tower. Not everyone who attempts the game is successful at ringing this bell - surely, only the strongest ones are able to do so. Will you be one of them?

To add to the overall theme of your party or event, have the host shout out phrases like “Test your power and might!”, “Hey there lads, which one of you are real men?” and “Step right up!” to your guests and friends. Since it was designed back in the day, the game was originally meant to highlight the raw brawns of men, as a way to gauge which ones are the best among the pack, as well as to impress their lady friends.

Nowadays, it can be played by everybody, young and old, male and female. To have more excitement, you can hold contests in your event for your guests to participate in. There is no question that everyone involved - even the spectators - will have a good time. Whatever you’re celebrating, this game will certainly add to the enjoyment and life of the party.

Hosting the High Striker Game at Your Party

With all these reasons mentioned, it is recommended for you to hire your own High Striker game. Whatever your event is, and wherever you plan to hold it, you can enjoy this classic game as long as you have sufficient space. You can even place it either outdoors or indoors.

Plus, we’ll handle all transportation, installation, and collecting of the game and required materials. You won’t have to worry about anything. The mallet is included in the game package, too. You need not provide a power source for the game to operate.

Are you hosting an event or party soon? Why not hire your own High Striker game? Be sure to think of us, and if you need more information, feel free to contact us.

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